Transfer Factor

Transfer Factor – the most amazing discovery in immunology!

These tiny molecules are the guarantor of our health. Transfer Factor is not vitamins, not minerals, herbs, hormones or medications. It is a molecule related to our body. Transfer Factor is a tiny immune molecule that sends signals between immune cells. In other words, transfer factors are the “language of communication” between immune cells.

 Transfer factors transmit information, “teach” and “train” immature immune cells in preparation for threat repression. Transfer factors are the universal immune key that harmonizes, regulates the immune system, and most importantly, completely restores it. It is the essence of the immune system.

Over $ 50 million has been spent on extensive research, thousands of scientific papers have been written on the principles of how Transfer Factors work, and humanity can now use this knowledge to its advantage.

In 2003, the American TV review The American Medical Review announced Transfer Factor technology.

In 2007, the Russian Federal Anti-Doping Center in Moscow allowed the use of 4Life Transfer Factor ® for participants in the Olympic Games during training and competitions.

MLM Australia & New Zealand wrote about Transfer Factor, noting that “Transfer Factor is not a vitamin, a mineral or an herb, but a molecule that forms a” smart network “in the immune system.

In 2007, Taiwanese Business News described 4Life in its article, emphasizing the strategic positioning of Transfer Factors and the expertise of the management team.

Since the establishment of the 4Life Research and Development Department in 2000, researcher dr. Calvin McCausland has conducted numerous experiments with 4Life Transfer Factor products and has significantly improved the progress of Transfer Factor retrieval technology.

4Life Health Science Advisory Board (SMPT) is a team of renowned physicians, naturopaths, immunologists and microbiologists from around the world. The team’s expertise helps to develop new products and provides valuable information to distributors during 4Life meetings and events.

4Life Transfer Factor – Colostrum extract is safe according to the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) document issued by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The TF production process adheres to the highest standards of Grade A. Substances used under strict supervision (colostrum) were obtained in accordance with these standards and even colostrum donors to whom antibiotics were given were eliminated.

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